Supply Chain & Power

Client Challenge Support & Solution
Large power plant equipment and EPC provider in Scandinavia The company was in a re-structuring program to shut-down some of its manufacturing bases and needed to source power plant equipment at a considerable discounted rate We assessed the southern european and eastern european markets for equivalent sources. Having identified the suppliers we set up a fully integrated supply chain to satisfy the clients requirements. Cost reductions yielded saving of over 28% and reductions in lead time around 10%. The resulting supply chain was handed over to the client once it had been operating successfully for 6 months. Project duration was 18months, with 4 consultants
Major power plant equipment producer and EPC provider in Southern Europe The company was building its supply chain due to expiring of its licensing agreement with a major EU OEM. The task was to establish the entire supply chain from the ground up for high technology components for the power & energy sector Sourcing strategies were set-up and subsequently developed on an operational level to identify, qualify and implement the new supply chain. Manufacturers in Europe & USA were identified and qualified. The required product portfolio was discussed in detail with the chosen suppliers, products were delivered and the new Supply Chain was transferred to our client with significant cost and lead time reductions. Four senior consultants and one partner worked full time for three (3) years for ensuring a successful project. The supply chain was established and handed over to the client once all Quality Cost and Delivery (QCD) parameters were achieved
Major Energy Business in the EU with Power and Oil & Gas Assets An interim management team was required to improve the delivery performance of the company and to open up new markets in the Oil & Gas sector Three top management professionals were deployed for a period of 2 years to improve the delivery of existing & new products, service offerings and service spares for the business. The top line was grown by over 60% and EBIT boosted by over 20%, leading to high double digit positive EBIT performance within 15months. Free cash flow was increased and debt structure improved, the product portfolio was extended.
Major Energy and Infrastructure giant in Russia Support of a turn-around program of 18 months to re-structure energy production facilities in Russia The factory and supplier structure was analysed and implementation plans delivered within four months. The project is now completed and the client is now in the execution phase including a re-design of factories and organisation. Cost reductions of up to 40% and lead time reductions of a factor of three have been demonstrated through internal measures; further cost reductions have been identified via supply chain optimisation. We deployed a team of 6 top professionals ranging from General Management, Finance, Quality, Manufacturing, Lean/Six-Sigma and Human Capital areas for this project.