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We provide the full tool-kit for the implementation of Lean/Six-Sigma to our clients. We work at Executive Management  Level and on the shop-floor to assist the production responsibles to eliminate waste, reduce rework and reduce lead times. The application of Six-Sigma is also deployed once a fully Lean Operation has been achieved. The Six-Sigma optimations ensure that efficiencies in productivity, quality and costs reductions are embedded in the culture of the shop florr.

Lean/Six-Sigma has been deployed in several factories in the EU and Russia. Measurable gains have been delivered in terms of Stock-Turn, Lead Time, Cost of Quality reductions. The results have beed realised in terms of improved productivity and profitability.

A well proven tool set has been developed to assess, deploy and monitor progress of the implementation of the Lean/Six-Sigma on the shop floor.

6/Leas Sigma

What we do

  • Lean:
    • Shop floor Waste Walk (Gemba)
    • Identification of the 8 Wastes – The Lean Wheel (above)
    • The 5S program
    • Cellular Manufacture (I, U & W – Cell’s – Flow Lines)
    • Pull Scheduling and JIT
    • Kaizen: Planned & On-the-Spot
    • Visual management
  • Six-Sigma:
    • DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
    • Define: Tools for defining and specifying a SMART project
    • Measure: Tools for documenting data, segregating & categorising data
    • Analyse: Analytical & statistical evaluation tools
    • Improve: Various methodologies for proposing and evaluating improvements
    • Control: Standardisation and repeatability – tools to ensure this happens