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Supply chains have been established for several clients leading to significant cost reductions and lead time reductions with Six-Sigma Quality. Several Supply Chains have been developed, operated and delivered to our clients. These projects have met and/or exceeded the stringent KPI’s set by our clients. We also specialise in transferring existing supply chains to Low Cost Country (LCC) sourcing. Over 10 such projects have been completed to date.

Sourcing solution for Northern European OEM

A large northern European OEM power producer required setting up a lower-cost supply chain due to closing of legacy manufacturing facilities. We assessed the southern European and eastern European markets for equivalent sources. Having identified the suppliers we set up a fully integrated supply chain to satisfy the clients’ requirements. Double-digit savings of Cost & Lead Time were achieved, whilst maintaining Quality. The supply chain was operated for 12 months and then handed over.

Supply Chain Migration | Crosstown Power

New USA/European Supply Chain for Power Equipment

A large Power OEM required establishing of a new supply chain. Sourcing strategies were set-up on operational level to identify, qualify and deploy the new supply chain. Manufacturers in Europe & USA were identified and qualified. The required product portfolio was deployed with the chosen suppliers, products were delivered and the new Supply Chain was transferred to our client with significant cost and lead time reductions. The project spanned 3 years and the supply chain was operated for 6 months prior to handover.

New Supply Chain | Crosstown Power

Migration of Supply Chain from USA to EU


We established a European supply chain for a major US power equipment producer. High technology products with final assembly ready components were sourced. A strategic evaluation of the suppliers were performed, including risk assessment for Business Disruption. The suppliers were audited and selected according to client defined KPI’s. The equipment was sourced up to the prototype stage and the supply chain was handed over.


Supply Chain Migration | USA to Europe | Crosstown Power

Organisation & Supply Chain for Wind Farm Project

The strategy and operational structure, plan and cost structure we established for a major Eastern European Wind farm of over 900MW. The management structure, quality management and acceptance criteria were put in place. Identification of senior management staff and operational staff was accomplished. EPC and Site PM identified. Project structure & supplier assessments delivered.

Wind Farm Management SRL | Crosstown Power