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We have carried out extensive management and business service solutions for our clients. Innovative, yet practical solutions have lead to client product portfolio’s, revenues & EBIT being improved. One area of excellence is Post Merger Integration. Completed projects are indicated below.

Interim Management of Multinational Subsidiary

Three top management professionals were deployed for a period of 15months to improve the delivery of existing & new products in this Large Steel Production & Equipment Manufacturer in a CEE country. The top line was grown by over 60% (new orders acquired from China & India) and EBIT boosted by over 20%, leading to high double digit positive EBIT performance within 15months. Free cash flow & debt structure were improved, and the product portfolio was extended. The company was divested to a large Asian Multinational, exceeding shareholder expectations.

Established the Swiss Subsidiary for Asian Multinational


Established the Swiss subsidiary for a major Asian Multinational Power corporation. The remit included the setting up of the subsidiary offices and assessing and recommending the Human capital to be employed. Ensuring the technical infrastructure was suitable for high technology engineering development. The implementation of the engineering development process. Establishing R&D programs in Switzerland (acquired partial government funding) and establishing a novel Additive Manufacturing programme.

Day One Launch Plan

Launch Plan, Day One

Business Development of CHP in Romania


The project fully developed a CHP system. The Design was specified and offers invited from international bidders. The business plan, cash flow and NPV/Pay Back were established. The power off-Taker & the Heating grid company signed up to long term PPA’s. The EPC supplier was appointed. The fully structured project was handed over to the client for execution.


Power Plant Project Development

Power Plant Project Development

Interim Management, Big 4 Consulting


Executive Directorship of a Big-4 Consulting operation in the Balkans. Responsible for Strategy & Operations, IT and Financial solutions. Fully accountable for the Consulting P&L. Developed the consulting business in Power, Energy and Manufacturing for the entire Balkans. Executed Post Merger Integration for a Blue Chip EU Insurance company and the Romanian counterpart. Lead the Carve-Out team for a major food manufacturer with US/EU headquarters.


Business Transformation Cycle

Business Transformation Cycle

Foreign Market Penetration


The project called for penetrating into the foreign market for a major food producer in a CEE country in the HORECO sector. The product portfolio was examined and broken down into product lines (SKU’s) which would satisfy western European markets. The German market was chosen to introduce various products which would be attractive. A market survey was performed and the market volumes were established along with a forecast for revenue growth. Business & Marketing plans were delivered and the client successfully introduced into the German market.


Potential target markets in Europe

Potential target markets in Europe