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A sample of the Environmental Projects completed are shown below. All the examples were based on achieving or extending IPPC compliance.


Power Equipment Large Industrial Facility

The project concerned was to bring into compliance a large Industrial Steel Maker with facilities for Steel Melting, Forging, Casting and Machining of heavy-duty power plant equipment – Steam Turbines, Boilers, Hydro Turbines, and similar equipment. We carried out an EDD to identify all areas of the facility to be modernised, cleaned-up, closed down (Blue Asbestos), including Chemical Clean-Up of the settling pond. The project involved the upgrade of the steel cutting facility and associated emissions with Clean-Air filtration technology, applying a watertight system for the chemical pools, and filtration of the Steel Melting plant which expelled a significant amount of Sulphur fumes. The project duration was 5 months with 3 consultants which included preparing the IPPC project plan, identifying the technologies required, evaluating the supplier (CAPEX) and an estimation of the OPEX over the following five years. The full plan for implementation was finalised and handed over to the Facility owner for implementation. We periodically oversaw the project which took 18 months to complete.

Filter Plant

Filter Plant

Steel Mill Producer with Legacy Factory


The project involved the Project and EPC management of a De-Dusting filter for one of the largest steel mills in Romania. The facility was under threat of severe fines and potential closure due to non-compliance. We evaluated the De-Dusting technology in the market generated the specifications for the Filter and the New Infrastructure. Assigned the required CAPEX from the client and excited the project together with the suppliers from Germany and Italy.


De-Dusting Filter Construction & Commissioning

De-Dusting Filter Construction & Commissioning

Other Projects

  • Overhaul of dust removing plant for the 125 to electric steel furnace. Increase by 50% of gas flow, electric motor power, number of exhaust fans, number of filter bags and their size. Total replacement of existing furnace canopy, filter heads and water-cooled combustion gas ducts. Measured dust and gas levels at commissioning and thereafter according to current ISO/IPPC standards.


  • New gas exhaust and de-dusting plant for the aluminium furnace. Exhaust system contains a suitable steel canopy with ducts leading to a chemical neutralising system and a particle bag filter. The heat from the gas is recovered by a heat exchanger and used for the heating of the machine shop and administration offices. To be followed by the installation of an air conditioning plant using the hot exhast gas passing through a Vacuum Absorption Chiller.


  • Delivery of 4 fan and electric motor groups with various characteristics for supplying air and exhausting combustion gas from a small diameter steel pipe (1-180mm) rolling mill.