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Power & Energy Services

  • Power plant concept & preliminary design
  • Supplier selection, evaluation and appointment with owner
  • Establishing the preliminary specifications for Renewable/Fossil system
  • Structuring the Debt & Equity providers
  • Establishing preliminary power purchase agreements with Offtakers
  • Managing the EPC and O&M contractors
  • Risk review for the power systems

Management Solutions Services

  • Establishing of New Company Entities
  • Foreign Market Penetration
  • Company Management (Interim) at CXO Level
  • Business Development: Marketing & Sales at Strategic & Operational levels
  • Business analysis and transformation [Financial & Operational]
  • Due Diligence during Mergers & Acquisition Phase
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Organisational Structure
Supply Chain

Supply Chain Services

  • Define the supply chain key attributes together with the client
  • Strategy for entire end-to-end supply chain, ensure Quality, Cost & Delivery
  • Determine routing to minimise logistics & warehousing
  • Supplier assessment & evaluating using SCM Tool set
  • Implementation of Lean/Six-Sigma at various sites in Europe & Russia
  • Manufacturing Technology & Implementation
  • Operational support to customer until KPI’s are met prior; to handover

Environmental Services

Achieving IPPC Certification 

  • Environmental due diligence
  • Breakout of the industrial facility areas to be targeted for improvement
  • Phased implementation of remedial measures to achieve IPPC local timeline
  • Planning the IPPC project with appropriate stakeholder (EPA, Decision Makers, etc.)
  • Identification of the BAT for implementation and future growth (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Communication with public authorities & procurement of relevant permits
  • Project management until IPPC Certification is realised
Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation Services

  • Business planning and financial planning for the new technology
  • Market acceptance and market readiness
  • Full project plans and working business model for internal staff
  • Finance raising through corporate partners, venture capital and business angels
  • Assistance in building the new business structure and human capital
  • Market introduction and hands-on sales assistance
Lean / 6 Sigma

Lean / 6 Sigma Services

  • Lean:
    • Shop floor Waste Walk (Gemba), 
    • The 5S program, Cellular Manufacture (I, U & W – Cell’s – Flow Lines), 
    • Pull Scheduling and JIT, Kaizen: Planned & On-the-Spot
  • Six-Sigma: 
    • DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
    • Define: Tools for defining and specifying a SMART project
    • Measure: Tools for documenting data, segregating & categorising data
    • Analyse: Analytical & statistical evaluation tools
    • Improve: Various methodologies for proposing and evaluating improvements
    • Control: Standardisation and repeatability – tools to ensure this happens

We work to develop customised solutions for our clients based on understanding their requirements, develop a precise specification of the product or service required and delivering the solution with experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and procedures to deliver long-lasting customer satisfaction.

We deliver our services from Strategy to Operational level and work Hands-On at the client locations to implement such solutions and products in order to ensure correct and complete client satisfaction and also provide long term support to ensure smooth operational performance.