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We provide Supply Chain Strategic and Operational assistance to our clients. Typical services will include the strategic evaluation of suppliers for KPI’s defined by our clients. Migration of supply chains to lower cost countries, risk analysis of supply chains and a structured set of offerings as depicted in the figure below. The supply chain may be operated by us for a limited period of time to ensure the client KPI’s are met, and subsequently handed over to the clients own procurement team.

Supply chains have been established for several clients leading to Cost Reductions and Lead Time reductions with improved Quality. Extensive quality and financial audits are done of each supplier to ensure a robust supply chain. We operated the resulting supply chains until the targets in terms Quality, Cost, Delivery and Responsiveness were met. We have also assisted in the  migrated entire manufacturing facilities to lower cost regions. 

Total Supply Chain Solution

Total Supply Chain Solution

What we do

  • Define the supply chain key attributes together with the client
  • Strategy for entire end-to-end supply chain, ensure Quality, Cost & Delivery
  • Determine routing to minimise logistics & warehousing
  • Supplier assessment & evaluating using SCM Tool set
  • Implementation of Lean/Six-Sigma at various sites in Europe & Russia
  • Manufacturing Technology & Implementation
  • Operational support to customer until KPI’s are met prior; to handover