Decarbonisation of Power Plants

Our Hydrogen Retrofit converts gas turbines power plant to zero carbon emission systems.
It reduces g
lobal warming and greenhouse gases and mitigates carbon taxes.

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Our Hydrogen Retrofit Project [H2R]

We are developing a conversion kit: hydrogen-fuelled retrofit “H2R” for power plants based on natural gas. The H2R system can convert any gas turbine based power plant to zero carbon emission system. That will eliminate greenhouse gases from existing power plants. This is a proprietary and unique technology. Globally we are first movers in this exciting new decarbonising innovation.

Fits to any gas power plant

Eliminates CO2 at the source

100% hydrogen energy

Power plants emissions in Europe

Coal, oil and natural gas burning power plants in Europe produce ~4200 MT CO2/year. Despite the implementation of Renewable Energy Systems for the last 30 years, greenhouse gas emissions had been reduced only by ~ 20%. Furthermore, due to the climate conditions, Europe is reaching the limits of renewable energy possibilities, without expensive offshore installations. Increasing global warming demands finding an alternative solution. 

Currently, gas power plants in Europe produce ~1150 MT CO2/year or ~30% of all the fossils power plants emissions. In addition to the dramatical influence on the environment, carbon pollution leads to socio-economic costs. A power plant owner in Europe could to pay as carbon taxes up to 112 euro per tonne, depending on the country.


natural gas fired turbine plants in Europe

MT CO2 emissions from gas turbines in Europe per year

euro/T carbon taxes on average in Europe

Potential of decarbonisation with H2R

Hydrogen Retrofit H2R eliminates greenhouse gasses at the source: it converts natural gas power plants to operate 100% on H2. The product of hydrogen combustion is water vapour with no carbon dioxide emissions.

Considering gas turbines only in the European countries with green/blue hydrogen production and distribution networks, we see a big decarbonisation potential of our H2R System.

Expected CO2 reduction

MT CO2 per year (base load power plants)

MT CO2 per year (balancing power plants)


of CO2 currently produced by gas power plants in hydrogen enabled countries

Who can benefit from this project

Power Plants Owners

You can convert your power plant using our H2R system to eliminate CO2 at the source.

It can be installed within the normal overhaul period.

H2R can be installed only on gas power plants in the countries which are currently implementing green or blue hydrogen production.

Expected benefits for the power plant owners:

  • Eliminating Carbon taxes
  • Recoup the investment in 2 – 3 years 
  • The system lifespan of between 9 – 12 years
  • No loss of revenues due to overhaul


According to the Paris Climate Agreement, Europe has committed to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Deployment of the H2R on the gas power plants can reduce the current CO2 produced by larger European gas fuelled power plants by 30%.

Wider spreading of hydrogen based systems will lead to a cleaner environment for all.

Expected benefits for the environment:

  • Reduction of CO2 from gas turbines by 30%
  • Boost of the clean energy economy
  • More accessible clean energy
  • Decarbonisation of other sectors with hydrogen


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Project Development Phases


2019 - 2020



  • Burner Layout
  • Feasibility study at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
  • Approval for engineering

2020 - 2021

Research and development


  • Concept engineering
  • Technology Research & Development
  • Rig Test at the FHNW
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • Preliminary agreements on partnering and licensing

2021 - 2022


  • Finalise partnership for sales and licensing agreements
  • Final engineering of pilot burners
  • Agreement on demonstration site
  • Delivery of pilot site hardware

2022 - 2023


  • Test runs at the pilot site
  • Fine-tuning of the combustion system
  • Final engineering modifications
  • Reliability run (72 hours continuous)
  • Generation of production burners and final production sets


Product launch

  • First customer site engineering
  • System construction on-site
  • Full speed no-load tests
  • Full load tests and guarantee data
  • Deliver first engine Retrofit H2R

Who we are

Crosstown Power delivers services in Industrial Manufacturing, Environmental Improvement, and Technology Innovation sectors since 2002. Our company is a team of professionals with many years of experience and deep knowledge needed for this innovative hydrogen project:

  • The team previously developed a 40% hydrogen combustion system which operated for over 15 years at the API Power Plant in Falconara, IT.
  • Members of the team have recently successfully demonstrated hydrogen burners with over 75% H2 content.
  • The team has launched many high-tech products in the past.
Prith Harasgama | Crosstown Power

Prith Harasgama

Business Management, Business Development, Whole GT & Turbine Expert
OEM: ABB, Alstom, Rolls Royce | 40 years experience
B2B: Crosstown Power GmbH

Wolfgang Kappis | Crosstown Power

Wolfgang Kappis

Technical Engineering, R&D
OEM: ABB, Alstom, GE | 35 years experience in Gas Turbine Engineering, Compressors Expert

Judith Baumberger | Crosstown Power

Judith Baumberger

Human Capital
Extensive experience in HR contracts in Power Sector
Experienced in establishing new companies
Former Chairwoman & Member of the Swiss Women`s Business Association

Adrian Iordache | Crosstown Power

Adrian Iordache

Principal Solicitor, Consortium Legal | GB, USA, Romania
Extensive legal experience in Power Sector
Renewable & Fossil plants legal arrangements
Contracts for PPA`s, Fuel Purchase agreements

Jaan Hellat | Crosstown Power

Jaan Hellat

GT Combustion Specialist
OEM: BBC ABB, Alstom | 45 years experience
Head of Combustion: over 25 years
Combustion Expert: Oil, Natural Gas, Hydrogen

Tom Saquet | Crosstown Power

Tom Saquet

Finance, Control, M&A and Fundraising in Energy, Telecoms & Manufacturing
Financials & Investors Expert at Crosstown Power since 2006

Paul Young | Crosstown Power

Paul Young

CEO Geminise AG, CH
Established own business in 2018
Formerly with Alstom & GE
Project Management and Client Contact
Currently working on Business Modelling for H2R

Helmut Wendler | Crosstown Power

Helmut Wendler

CEO of Engineering company in DE
ABB & Alstom Steam & Plant business
Head of Engineering at MAN Steam Turbines
45 years of experience in Engineering Design

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