• Strategy Development
    • We make the product or service portfolio assessment and its alignment with market needs. Development of the business plan and action plans to realise the strategy and follow through to implementation as required by the client.
    • We establish the final (enhanced) product or service portfolio with the clients key inputs so as to ensure the best opportunity for revenue and EBIT maximisation – ensuring differentiation of products, processes and services.
    • In the next phase we establish the go-to-market strategy and operational plans so as to minimise the time-to-market and capture both standard and niche areas for sales opportunities.
    • In-house technology, service and manufacturing process are assessed together with supply chain opportunities for launching the products or services in the fastest possible time. Outsourcing activities are defined and planned during this phase.
    • The final phase results in delivering the report on the next steps the client should make to realise the strategy; and if necessary we also assist in the implementation phase and work with our clients during the first months to ensure that the strategy is operationally sound and the key performance indices are achieved.
  • M&A Assistance 
    • Commercial and Financial Due Diligence. Assessment of assets and valuation using experts. Post Merger Integration services to ensure continuity of business and to realise the economy of the merger.
    • We work with our clients to understand the needs of the M&A targets and long term benefits to their organisations. Make assessments of the target business technology, service and manufacturing capabilities and establish synergies that will result with such an M&A project.
    • We finalise the business plans going through to full Post Merger Integration and if required assist the client during both the M&A and PMI phases – right down to going live on day-one.
  • Environmental
TMK Resita Filter Upgrade

Environmental Filter

We apply current EU regulations in evaluating plant and systems compliance. Issuing the IPPC plans and ensuring required Clean-Up processes are applied to bring plants and systems into compliance. Environmental due diligence is performed prior to carrying out the final project for the clean-up.


  • Alternative Energy & Product Development

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Assessment of energy requirements and evaluation of Renewable systemsand Alternative Energy Systems to establish “best-inclass” system applicable from environmental and economical aspects. Development of plant specifications and feasibility study. Realisation of the Energy system

  • Transformation 
    • In all cases where we have carried out a Business Transformation we work in a holistic approach with our clients to define the precise Human Capital and Demographics required to realise a business transformation. The in-house human talent is assessed and their strengths and weaknesses documented. Thereafter we work with the client to eliminate the weaknesses and consolidate the human capital strengths.
    • Based on having achieved the correct human capital structure and organisational structure we move to assessing the business services, processes, technology and product features that need to be transformed in order to achieve the restructuring and transformation.
    • We deliver these services in project teams with our clients, or as interim managers tasked with ensuring the Business Transformation takes place and that the results reach the agreed targets.
  • Market/Sales analysis
    • During the market and sales analysis we work with our clients and marketing companies to make an assessment of the local and global market pertaining to the clients product or service.
    • The analysis results in positioning the clients product or service in comparison to its competitors and identifying the unique selling points of the clients product and service portfolio.
    • Competitor analysis is performed and the selling points of the clients products and services are defined in order to document the launch of a marketing and sales effort to achieve the clients needs. Pricing structures are also defined at this stage based on the market analysis.
    • The client is then advised on the next steps to be taken to achieve their objectives and if necessary we work with the client to implement the strategy into their operations.
  • Organisational
    • Organisational policy, structure and business processes are addressed with our clients. In this service we work with one of our partner companies to deliver this service to our clients.