Power & Infrastructure


  • Project Development
    • Developing and structuring of Renewable and fossil fuel power plants to meet current Carbon emission regulations and ensuring project feasibility and return on investment to the owners and banks
    • Finalising the development and moving through to construction and operations.
Midland Power Station


Hydro Power Albania

Albania Hydro






Winde Turbines

Wind – Bulgaria

Gen Set Typhoon

CHP- India (Siemens System)







  • Supply Chain Set-Up
    • We work together with our clients to understand their requirements in terms of cost competitiveness, quality and on-time delivery to design and implement supply chains customised to the client needs. Supply chains have been established for the power and industrial manufacturing sectors leading to significant cost reductions, whilst maintaining quality and delivery-on-time
  • Concept Development
    • We establish the concept design for the Power Plant of Industrial plant based on the client specifications and financial requirements. Issue clearly defined documentation to ensure compliance with the specification and manage the transition from concept to plant design
  • Ownership Structure
    • Based on the client needs we can establish an ownership structure for the infrastructure project (Power, Industrial) and ensure clear roles and responsibilities are defined to create a business with a process based governance system.
  • EPC Management
    • We have managed the complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction phases for major projects supplying all key functions from project/site management, bid management, on-site QA/QC and full project cost control
EPC FGD Rovinari

Flue Gas desulpharisation

Envirenmental 2

Environmental Filter Upgrade






  • Engineering Services

    • Engineering services ranging from detailed power/manufacturing plant designs to the various systems constituting the build up of the power/industrial plants have been provided to various clients
  • Operations Services and O&M Set-Up
    • Operation of power plants, manufacturing plants and supply chains have been performed (typically until prescribed key performance indicators have been reached) either as interim management or as project management in order to ensure that such projects are running efficiently and productively prior to hand-over to the client