Manufacturing & Lean/Six-Sigma


  •  Restructuring 
    • We examine the production processes and technology to evaluate on behalf of the client the best production processes and systems that are required to ensure increased productivity with existing assets and advise on investments required to enhance the production capacity and technology to generate a reliable Production System for the future development of the business
    • We look at full automation, partial automation and systematic operational procedures to enhance the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in order to achieve a Production System with the highest efficiency.
Automated Line

ABB Automated Line

Lean Manufacture

Lean Manufacture Line

  • Due Diligence
    • We carry out a manufacturing technology and production systems due diligence in the case where a client is the process of an M&A for a manufacturing business. Full asset valuation is carried out including the residual value and production effectiveness and OEE of such manufacturing assets.
    • The resulting information gives the client valuable insight into the future expected production performance of the acquired business and a quantitative evaluation of new procedures, processes and investments that would be required to fully integrate the acquired business into the parent company.
  •  Integration (M&A) – Post Merger Integration (PMI)
    • Post Merger Integration is an area where we have supported many companies subsequent to M&A. We endeavour to capitalise on the synergies that will exist between the two businesses going forward in terms of the Human Capital and Production Assets & Systems. We target the improvement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the two merged businesses and ensure the highest OEE is established at an early stage of the PMI process
    • We deploy Lean Manufacturing principles and methodology during the PMI process to eliminate non-value added work by conducting Value Stream Mapping and a new Value Stream is Designed and we establish a very lean production process in the merged business.
    • The organisational aspects of the merged businesses are examined and a new organisational structure is established if required.
    • We also examine the production systems in place at the merged business (ERP system) and advise on the most effective system to be deployed in the new, integrated production processes.

  •  Process Improvement
    • Process improvements are addressed utilising Lean/Six-Suìigma methodologies. Value Stream Mapping is performed and several tools are implemented at an early stage to establish the degree of process adherence to procedures and technology available in the manufacturing business.
    • The resulting value stream is examined and non-value added processes are eliminated resulting in anew Value stream design which is implemented on the production lines.
    • The technology utilised for manufacture is also examined and the client is advised on the most suitable systems to be used for the manufacturing processes.
  • Supply Chain Set-Up
    • We work together with our clients to understand their requirements in terms of cost competitiveness, quality and on-time delivery to design and implement supply chains customised to the client needs. Supply chains have been established for the power and industrial manufacturing sectors leading to significant cost reductions, whilst maintaining quality and delivery-on-time.
    • We perform an analysis on the Make-or-Buy strategy required to fulfil the end-to-end supply chain and advise outsourcing of certain non-core production requirements as necessary. The final build-up the whole supply chain is shown below.

SC Process High Def


  •  Human Capital & Organisational
    • In deploying the Human Capital and Organisational strategy and structure we work with our partner companies to deliver this service.
  •  Lean/Six Sigma
    • This a core business competence for us. Several members of our team are designated Green Belt and Black Belt in Lean/Six-Sigma.  Our experts deploy several methodologies (Lean: 5S, PDCA, 8D, VSM, VSD, etc.; Six-Sigma: The DMAIC Process, Statistical Methods, etc.) to identify Waste and Variance and eliminate these to consolidate a superior Production System with high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Lean 3         Lean Concepts

  • Projects have been carried out to deploy Lean/Six-Sigma in several manufacturing businesses in Europe and Russia over the past ten years. Manufacturing businesses with semi-automated and fully automated production lines have been successfully converted to extract the maximum productivity and OEE, with minimum capital expenditure.
  • The resulting knowledge is used to redesign the production shop floor along Lean principles to extract the maximum OEE and profitability for the business. Key take-aways are the subsequent imbedding of such know-how in the production staff at the business. This gives a distinctive cultural change in the improved business leading to a Continual Improvement culture.
  • The Lean/Six-Sigma approach is generally deployed via the Top Management of the business who subsequently act as Mentors and Sponsors in order to ensure a culture of continual improvement


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