Environmental, Renewables, M&A

Client Challenge Support
Romania CHP* development for a major furniture and real estate business Upgrade of a captive CHP system. The new system was for internal use and for sale  to the grid The project was manned with 3 internal staff and 2 staff from the client. The CHP system design was specified and offers invited from international bidders. The business plan, cash flow and NPV/Pay Back was established. The power off-taker was identified and a PPP was put in place. The final EPC plans were established and the final fully developed project was handed over to the client for execution. (* CHP – Combined Heat & Power)
M&A and Post Merger Integration of global EU insurer with a Romanian insurer M&A due diligence and Post Merger Integration of Large Insurers A full team of 6 own staff was teamed up with all functions at the western EU insurers. The local teams consisted of all functions of the insurance companies – ranging from agency sales to offer preparations and final underwriting. The “Day-One” Kick-Off plan was delivered and a 120 day lead up period set for all functions to be integrated. The project was completed on time and all functions went “live” on Day-One.
Albanian Hydro Power Plant Structuring Structuring all techno-Commercial aspects of a Mini-Hydro Plant was completed The Mini-Hydro plant was specified based on the client requirements and the technical bids were issued to form the basis of the plant detailed systems. Full cost analysis, EPC cost base and the Cash Flow (NPV) statements were delivered. The fully structured project was delivered to the client for execution.
Largest OEM Power Equipment producer Product development, Supply Chain Set-up in the EU The client wished to establish a EU supply source for power plant hardware for final finishing of exotic material turbine equipment. A supply chain was set up in the EU to migrate product from USA
Major Russian Steel manufacturer in Romania Implemented filtration system for ensuring the environmental compliance The specifications and initial site examinations of the emissions were measured and quantified. Suppliers were selected to bid for delivering the correct filter systems to meet EU emissions compliance. The steel plant infrastructure modifications we sourced to local EPC providers. The project was completed on-time and met all emission regulations.