Power Plants & Manufacturing

Client Challenge Support & Solution
Premier Turbine Manufacturer to OEM based in Italy The company wished to grow the product portfolio with market penetration into the aerospace sector This was a major manufacturing base improvement with five senior experts being deployed over a period of four years. The entire factory structure was re-designed and a new factory designed and built during the 2007-2008 period. Major new investments we acquired. Lean/Six-Sigma  principles and JIT were implemented in the new factory. Existing factories were re-designed and equipment re-positioned to ensure a full Lean Enterprise was set-up. All areas of operations were improved. Results were that revenues were doubled over the four years  with the acquisition of Aerospace Clients in the EU & USA. 
Bespoke manufacturer of Innovative Power Systems in the EU An Incubator business in the energy sector developing and manufacturing Solid Oxide Fuel Cells A full market analysis and business validation was carried out for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell market (SOFC) sector for micro-mini product categories. A full Business & Financing plan was established and the market potential quantified. The business plan was then submitted to investors and banks for assessment. One of the Big-4 audit companies were selected to validated the business plan and give additional support during the finance acquisition phase. The project was successfully closed out with the appropriate funding and the SOFC company going into serial production.
Premier Power Systems OEM in Asia-Pacific region The company was challenged to develop a new concept in distributed power  A full analysis was done for the Gas Turbine product development and manufacture. Detailed benchmarking of GT and GT related systems was completed and reported. The organisational structure and resources required for product development was delivered. Recommendation was given for forming a joint venture with partners who would facilitate the development. The product was successfully launched into the APAC market
Premier Power Systems OEM in Asia-Pacific region The company required an analysis and benchmarking of competitors A survey was performed power plants with Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and associated plant equipment for the development of benchmark data for efficiency and  utilisation for typical power plant configurations. A report was delivered for these items with recommendations for future product development